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Presentations @ Ideacamp Pune 2

These are the presentations that i colleced @ Ideacamp Pune 2 on 17 Jan 09. It doesnt include my presentation as all I did was speak about my Idea and there was just a single slide with my Idea and my name.

The experience @ Ideacamp was great. The ideas that peeople came up with were awesome. In the morning it started slow but as the temperature rose so did the number of Ideasharers and the participants kept tricling in.

Click to see the presentations on slideshare.


image image 

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 Utkarsh Verma

Our first post on SweetCircles

This is my first post on this new blogging platform provided by SweetCircles. Balakumar Muthu, CEO and Chief Architect of, has been kind enough to provide us with this wonderful platform and a super cool looking blog. A BIG thank you to from IdeaCampPune!


Welcome Balakumar to the IdeaCampPune family. Looking forward to see you and your team at the IdeaCampPune2.

I would encourage my fellow campers also to post on this blog or let us know if you are blogging about us on your personal blogs.

Tracks for IdeaCampPune2

Idea Jam – sharing of business/social/technology ideas. In these sessions you bring in your idea and the fellow campers will brainstorm on it.

Brewing Ideas –generate ideas to address known problems. Again the problems can be social, governance related, environmental or technological in nature.

Mentor Speak – these sessions will be more of one person speaking and others learning. Examples can be ideation techniques, taking ideas to market, choosing from many good ideas, blah blah blah…

Idea Pot – a group of campers take up an idea they are passionate about and build it through the day.

A Huge Thanks to ‘Persistent Systems Limited’

IdeaCampPune is sponsored by Persistent Systems Limited, and we’d like to thank them for making this possible for all of us! Persistent has always been supportive for such initiatives. Hence, it is not only about monetary support, but for caring about the community of enthusiastic folks like us.

As we are writing this, we are working together to get all our loose ends finalized. And believe me this is so much fun! The venue is simply cool and you will all love this place. Persistent took special efforts to sponsor for the venue, food and drinks.

See you all tomorrow in a great mood and open spirit!

Last minute cramming
Here are some suggestions about the gear you might have in tow while coming this Saturday:

  • Ideas and chutzpah
  • Paper and pen
  • Business cards
  • Power strips: there will be plenty of power outlets, but just in case you need extra to power your cell phones and laptops
  • Laptop: We are providing wifi at Persistent, but with so many people hopping at once, the connection may be a bit slower. So, try to avoid heavy uploads
  • Audio/video recorders for podcasting
  • Pen drives: it will be better to backup your presentations on a pen drive

Remember to label all your gear with your name and contact details.
… and you should be all set!

More on the Venue

I am posting on behalf of all the volunteers while they are straightening up the kinks.

‘All keen participants and their wondrous ideas are gladly welcomed to IdeaCampPune at Persistent System Ltd (PSL), Pune. Before moving into the campus of PSL, let us know little about the campus and the arrangements made for us.

Participants are requested to arrive at the security cabin located adjacent to the main entry gate before 9:00 AM. There you’ll seek permission for the entry and also register your belongings like laptops, pen drives etc. for the security check. We will be definitely there to help you out.

From there you’ll, move into the main porch (Floor 1) of the building towards the registration desk. Main porch separates two building of the company, as ‘Aryabhata’ on the left and ‘Pingala’ on the right (names of the buildings are tribute to the great ancient mathematician and scientist respectively). Both the buildings are connected via lobby at each floor.

After registration, you’re requested to enter ‘Aryabhata’, and head toward the cafeteria (Floor 7) for the kick-off.

In cafeteria, at 9:45 AM, Mr. Shrikant Sundarajan, COO of Persistent Systems Ltd., will kick off the event. (Please be particular about this time). After the event kick off, all participants are requested to move towards the 2 assembly halls located on 4th floor of both the buildings, based on the session you want to attend.

All the presentations and idea sharing will be held in these assembly halls – PG4 and AR4.’

Looking forward to a weekend of creativity and camaraderie!

Make sure you participate
Remember, *everyone* must come prepared to present or to help fellow campers with a presentation. If you are not presenting then there are other ways you can participate. We encourage you to

  • Record sessions and make podcasts 
  • Take pictures and upload them on the web 
  • Make models or sketches of the proposed idea solutions

If you are uploading or sharing anything from the IdeaCamp, remember to tag it as ‘IdeaCampPune’.

Your day at IdeaCampPune
Well, in tune with BarCamp spirit we are not putting a rigid structure. But the schedule is created in the following way:

  • Everyone’s at the venue by 9AM, start registering and chatting.
  • The schedule boards will be set up before you arrive, with all the speaking slots open. A slot is 30 minutes, which means: 10 minutes of speaking (max!) followed by 20 minute ideation. There are 2 rooms, so we will have 2 simultaneous tracks. In total there will be 26 speaking slots excluding ‘corridor discussions’.
  • We will kick start IdeaCampPune at 9:45 am at the cafeteria.
  • Presentations will start at 10AM.
  • We will take lunch break between 1:30 pm and 2:30 pm and then continue with the sessions till 6:00 pm.
  • Everyone will then meet in the cafeteria for a wrap up – time for more networking, talking, eating and enjoying.
  • We should be done by 7ish!

See you all interesting and interested people this Saturday!

Forethought on Sessions
We will have 2 simultaneous tracks in 2 different rooms. Apart from these tracks its ok if you want to start a ‘corridor discussion’ for impromptu and flash sessions. If you have something to share that doesn’t necessarily need a big screen, and you want it to be more interactive, you can start corridor discussion any time. Pretty darn sweet!

The presentation schedule will be filled in between 9AM and 9:45AM, on a first come - first served basis for the 2 rooms.

If you are presenting an idea, then the premise should be laid out in 10 minutes and the rest of the 20 minutes should be meant only for ideating. Come prepared with a slide-deck explaining

  • What your idea is
  • What is the problem/need identified and how does your idea solve that problem or need
  • Who is the target audience and how do they benefit from your idea.

Please post your presentations on the blog after the event for those who could not make it to the camp.

Reminder: ‘Call for ideas’

We are just 2 days away from having loaded and exciting ideation sessions. If you are presenting any idea, then you would have limited time to do so. Since it’s an ideation camp, we expect that in a 30 minute session, 10 minutes (maximum) are spent in presenting the idea and the remaining 20 minutes are effectively used for brainstorming.

I would request everyone who is presenting an idea or anything to with ideation to write a brief overview and post it on the IdeaCampPune blog. This is very essential. This would also help us ensure that all the sessions are only limited to presenting ideas and ideation. We wouldn’t be happy if there are presenters promoting their developed products or services.

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